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The sphere of activity of Inter-Electro LLC consists in delivery of industrial equipment, for the power engineering enterprises especially. There are, for instance, heat exchange facilities for the heat power stations (gas coolers for generators, stuffing packs for the regenerative rotating air heaters, packs for the coil pipes, boilers for regenerative rotating air heaters), the high-voltage electrotechnical equipment (commutation pieces, insulators, transformers, spare parts for them, assembled cells and substations, and others), traction and putting on blast machines (spare parts including), electric motors, the powered including, and complete sets (the air coolers for the STD 3 MW motors), the coal grinding equipment, low-voltage apparatuses and devices, instrumentation ( gas analyzers for the burning processes and units on their base including), and other devices, apparatuses and equipment.

Activity methods.
Grounding on the principles of openness, sincerity and obligatoriness, our enterprise is efficiently developing and increasing the range of its clients, and the products and services providers. We are constantly assessing new proposals. We pay a particular attention to the functionally necessary projects, safe ecologically and in exploitation, economically efficient. Our enterprise is very successful and stable, both with accuracy and timely performing of our obligations thanks to such approach. Taking into consideration the above information, we would like to invite all enterprises to fruitful cooperation in Ukraine and abroad.
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Mail address:
building 5, Zabily str.,
03039, Kyiv, Ukraine

Working hours (Kiev time zone):
Monday - Friday - 8:00-17:00,
lunch break - 13:00-14:00.

+38 (044) 361-46-59

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